Dance Class

50:00 Minutes Class

Dance Fitness is proven to be a better fitness form than Gym Fitness. It not only reduces stress but also makes you relaxed and happy. Since Dance involves movement of whole body, you get strong and flexible muscles which ultimately radiates you with peace and Happiness.
Dance is a dynamic form of fitness which brings newness and challenge to handle while moving your whole body , mind and spirirt in the direction of the different form of music – Zumba, Bollywood, Classical and Folk.

Dance Fitness is a proven best form to develop better social ties, self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately Happiness.

A Dance Fitness Session – 50 Minutes

  • Warm Up - 8 Minutes
  • Music of the day - 7 Minutes
  • Main Form - 25 Minutes
  • Enjoy Form - 5 Minutes
  • Relaxing Form - 5 Minutes